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A return to contact healing
Government Guidance
The governmnet has removed remaining domestic restrictions in England. There are still steps you can take to reduce
the risk of catching and spreading Covid 19:
  1. Get vaccinated
  2. Let fresh air in if meeting indoors, or meet outside
  3. Consider wearing a face covering in crowded, enclosed spaces
For more information in your area:
HPAI Guidance
The advice being given from the HPAI Management Committee is using common sense principals. 
Neither HPAI or members are epidemiologists or medical professionals. Ultimately each member and business should properly assess and manage the risks, implementing any additional measures that they deem prudent.   
Keeping Safe Requirements
HPAI are recommending the return to contact healing from 18 October 2021, for registered HPAI members who have paid their insurance for the current year. This has been agreed providing a face covering is worn throughout the healing session, together with the use of hand sanitiser by healer and patient before and after each session. 
The Healing Centre must also conduct and provide a suitable risk assessment prior to restarting the contact healing service at their venue.
Some healers or patients may not be comfortable to provide or receive contact healing at this stage, owing to personal reasons or on health grounds. If this is the case, the healer is free to provide and the patient to receive, distant healing as an alternative. HPAI recommends that each patient is asked which type of healing they would prefer when they attend a healing session. We must be aware that some people may still be fearful of having direct contact, so distant healing can be offered instead.
As far as vaccinations are concerned, there is no legal basis to insist on mandatory vaccination so centres should not adopt this practice as it is a possible infringement on members civil liberties.
Centre Requirements
Prior to entering the healing session, it must be established that no Covid symptoms are being experienced, nor any contact with a covid positive person. This is necessary for healers and patients. 
On entering and leaving the centre, hand sanitiser should be used. Suitable hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser should be made available together with safe drying facilities, e.g. disposable paper towels. It is advisable to increase ventilation and it is necessary to sanitise touchable surfaces within the centre, especially chairs between patients. These requirements will be covered in your risk assessment.
A track and trace record must be kept in the event of anybody contracting the virus. These records must be destroyed after 6 weeks. 
Guidance will be updated as necessary in accordance with Government guidelines. Please check with your local authority, or
go directly to the government website:


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