Counselling Skills Training

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What is Counselling?
How does it work?
What is it not? Who can benefit?

Counselling can be described as a special relationship between two people that is the client and the counsellor. The client is the troubled person who seeks help from the counsellor. In order to be able to help the client the counsellor needs to understand the ethics and principles involved in the counselling process.

To become \' skilled \' at helping people the Association offers counselling courses which include bereavement and loss.The course takes approximately six months,which is made up of two weekends plus one-day classroom attendance with follow up work such as assignments and case studies which are marked by the course tutor.
A successful pass mark allows the Healer to become a Healer - Counsellor and a certificate is awarded to the individual.

Courses are held throughout the United Kingdom and Holland. Future courses will be advertised on the page \'Planned Courses\' . If you are intrested please contact the Association for more information.




The Bereavement & Loss Course
This weekend course which takes the participants through the different and often complex situations of grief. The aim of the course is to provide a better and deeper understanding of the human situation in this time of crisis so enabling the \' helper \' to use their skills to guide the bereaved person.

HEALER TRAINING * What is involved in training as a Spiritual Healer?
Does it take a long time to train? *
Where can I go to be trained? *
Who will train me? *
Who will supervise my progress?
The Association produces a Training Manual for potential healers.
The foundation course is spread over 15 weeks making a total of 30 hours study. At the end of that period the pupil is given a test to assess the progress made. If successful the pupil may apply to the Association for membership as a Probationer Healer.
For the next 9 months he / she undertakes a period of supervised practice during which there are three monthly assessments by his / her Trainer.
At the end of the period of supervised practice and provided the Trainer is satisfied with progress
made the Probationer Healer is then referred for assessment by an approved assessor.
If the Assessor is satisfied that the Probationer Healer has demonstrated competence in all areas of the assessment and a satisfactory pass mark obtained the Assessor will recommend that the Probationer Healer can apply for membership as a Certificated Healer.
The Association trains Healers to become Mentors , Trainers and Assessors.
Our aim is to provide refresher / up-date days for Healers and Healer / Counsellors.
These days are organised by the Regional / Area Training Officer. The Principal Training Officers and the Regional Training Officers conduct counselling skills courses.
In all aspects of the Healing and Counselling process commitment is paramount so that the best possible service is provided to the client. Some of the subjects covered during training are:
* Code of Conduct and Practice
* Basic Anatomy & Physiology
* Disciplinary Rules / Procedure
* An introduction to Counselling
* Complaints Procedure
* The importance of keeping records
* The history of Healing
* The importance of Confidentiality
* The Human Aura * Record keeping
* The Energy Centers also known as Chakras
* Case Studies Reiki Healing {short description of image} Many members of the Healer Pracctitioner Association also practice Reiki Healing consequently the Association decided in 1997 to accept into membership Reiki Healers at Level 2 and above.
It is acknowledged that Reiki is a very powerful healing energy in a slightly different way by adding the power of the symbols that Dr Usui was able to find these were used in the era of Jesus and other Masters